A Vehicle’s Perspective on Cultural Adjustment

My vehicle was born in Japan in 1998. It grew up in Japan. It was used to nicely paved roads. It was also familiar with snow.

It recently moved to Uganda. Apparently vehicles also face cross-cultural challenges. Now it has to adjust to a different climate and to different living conditions.

That adjustment has been costly. New shocks, new brakes, and new tires. It may also need to learn to use its traction control features for mud instead of snow. But I’m not telling it that now!

Most challenging of all … When the vehicle speaks in Japanese, the driver and passengers don’t respond! It doesn’t understand why. Everyone speaks Japanese, don’t they?

What can we do to help the vehicle adjust? A cool shower at the end of the day always helps!

I’m Here!

It is hard to believe six weeks have passed since I transitioned to full-time life in Uganda. My heart continues to overflow with thanksgiving!

Expanded Role

Since January, I am serving as National Director for Missions with Pentecostal Assemblies of God Uganda. My role remains primarily equipping and mobilizing for missions. However, I now have a broader mandate to stir missions sending from within the fellowship. This is especially significant considering PAG’s growing focus on global missions.

The First Six Weeks

What does a global worker do during their first six weeks full-time on the field?

Do annual ministry planning with the national leadership team.

Visit PAG churches in Kampala. Great to find other lady preachers!

Attend national meetings to network with District leaders.

Find a driver. And help my vehicle with cross-cultural adjustment. Read more about it’s cultural challenges.

Continue to set up apartment. Bed arrived last week. The Bear and his buddies are happy!

Get to know the neighbours. I prayed for good neighbours. God provided.

Apply for work permit. Received!

Travel to Serere for a missions consultation. 630 km on the road.

Thank you to all who are partnering, whether financially or in prayer!

In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now (Phil. 1:4-5).


Almost there!

I’m nearing the finish line!

  • Goal: in Uganda FULL-TIME by January.
  • Need: Monthly giving commitments matching my total annual budget.

I have been working in Uganda since 2008. For the past number of years, though, I have remained based in Canada to allow for ministry-related doctoral studies. With three segments of ministry in Uganda each year. I’m so excited that “now is the time” for the official move!

UPDATE: Departure January 23!

I already have the keys to my apartment in Kampala. My Ugandan leaders are saying, “Come back very quickly. We have TOO much work for you to do!”


[wppb progress=84 percent=after]


What can you do to help me cross the finish line? Even $10/month makes a difference!



Quebec on My Heart

I left for Uganda in mid-July with a new District shirt. My Ugandan colleagues thought it looked “smart.”


So did security guards, cashiers, bus drivers, waitresses, street vendors, gas station attendants, and bank tellers. Typical reaction: “You look VERY smart today, madam. May I know, what is the District of Quebec?”

With unbelievers, that opened the door to share the gospel. With believers, I shared the spiritual needs of Quebec and asked for a commitment to pray for our church planting initiatives. Many made that commitment.

Continuing to wear Quebec on my heart!